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27 Ottobre 2019

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Autunnno, come the pumpkins

We are inautumna season of colors, scents and delicious fruits, among which are an undisputed symbol: thepumpkin.

This plant of the family ofCucurbits(a relative of the courgette, cucumber, melon and watermelon) includes more than 400 varieties around the world and is distinguished for its versatility of uses, that are not limited to the power supply.

Here's what we can extract from a fruit so special.

Beneficial properties

Calories almost non-existent, beta-carotene, fiber and vitamins are just some of the positive aspects that make this fruit a panacea of the season.

Delicious dishes

The pulp of the orange of the pumpkin (especially of the genusCucurbita), which depending on the variety, can be sweet, compact, fibrous, or aromatic, it lends itself to a variety of dishes,... a Filling for ravioli, oven baked, soup, risotto, pies, but alsospaghettiand the more you have, the more you eat!

Decorating and diy

Pumpkins are not only delicious. Some varieties less edible present shapes, sizes and colors wacky (snake, star, mushroom, etc), the perfect centrepiece for effectivedecorations of autumn.

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