The Caciocavallo of Agnone seasoned proclaimed as the best cheese in Italy

The product of excellence Of the Caseificio di Nucci bears the symbol of the region of Molise, on the podium of the Italian Cheese Awards 2019 for the category “pasta filata seasoned” and wins the Oscar of the cheese.

The Caciocavallo of Agnone aged, produced by the historic Dairy Nucci, wins the Oscar of Italian Cheeseswinning the podium at the Italian Cheese Awards 2019 as the best "pasta filata" cheese seasoned in Italy. A further recognition for the gastronomic symbol of the region of Molise in the world, which becomes even more relevant, as the product of the dairy, brighton, craft and exclusively with raw milk coming from the farms of the Alto Molise.

The final of the Italian Cheese Awards, a prize for the best cheese products with milk, 100% Italian, was held October 27, 2019 at Veronain the spaces of the auditorium Verdi in Verona. The Caciocavallo of Agnone seasoned Nucci, only cheese from this region to come to the grand final after the selections of may during the festival of Cheese in the Villa, arrived at the last phase of the award for the the category “pasta filata seasoned” and he's beaten the Masseria Posticchia Sabelli of Basilicata and the Dairy Of one of the Faithful of Campania.

A prize is very important for the dairy sector, as the jury was composed of qualified experts in cheese, which have been assigned during the elegant ceremony of awarding the coveted statuette to Franco and Serena Di Nucci, excited for the result, the expression of the commitment of a company that has always made the territory of molise with its natural and cultural heritage, the protagonist.

"It is an award dedicated to our supply chain, made up of workers and farmers of the Alto Molise – commented Franco Di Nucci -. The Oscar for the seasoned Caciocavallo comes from a land little-known, but it becomes the invitation to know it and visit it".

"A recognition," he added, Serena Di Nucci – dedicated to our the internal area of the, which produces the high quality milk from which comes the Cheese, which is aged in our cellars of the stone. A satisfaction that we extend to the entire dairy sector and to our land, its pastures, its biodiversity, its important history and tradition."

After the ceremony the cheeses from Oscar were tasted by the participants in the final of the Italian Cheese Awards, combined with 33 Italian wines selected.

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